Who We Are

Life does not only exist within the four walls of a church building, right? Well, that's what Church Girl, etc. is all about. When the praise team is done singing and service is over, life goes on.

This platform is a safe space. No band, fancy clothes or liturgical dancers...just Christ. Here, we know that everyone wears many hats, so we encourage relationship vs. religion and work to keep God at the center of it all. He understands that we have a lot to cover on a day-to-day basis but His love for us doesn't change. He just wants our hearts and no matter how many times we mess up, He is still pursues us. When you visit this site, we hope you are confident in knowing you are not alone and that life with Jesus isn't a snooze-fest. We are dedicated to being transparent, showing that we are all perfectly imperfect, while loving Christ at the same.
Welcome to Church Girl Confessions.


Meet Briana Robinson


Jesus lover, wife, and mom, are a few of the titles Briana holds. In 2012, she added creator of Church Girl, Etc. to that list. Briana often jokes that she was introduced to God in the womb, but it wasn't until she began to learn relationship that she was able to know Jesus for herself. Those who know her would say that Briana has a "see the glass half-full" personality and is a firm believer that trusting in God will align everything else. Never ashamed of letting the world know who Jesus is to her, Briana strives to be transparent in all aspects of her life because she believes all experiences are meant to help others. Through Church Girl, Etc., Briana intends to share herself with you and will be bringing a few of her friends along the way. 

Our Mission

To debunk the belief that we have to be perfect to serve a perfect God.