Get up off of that thang...

Ya'll! I had to apologize to myself!! YUP! I did and it's a tad bit harder than you may think. I am big on accountability and I never have a problem saying I'm wrong. But that "I'm sorry" hits different when the person on the receiving end is you.

I owed myself an apology because I had been a HUGE procrastinator in the past(declaring that it is past tense). I would keep putting things off with the assumption that I had more time. I'd done this in all areas of my life including work, home, and ministry.

A few weeks back, there was an event (follow @womenleadingbaltimore) I came across that instantly caught my eye. I told my husband that I wanted to go and I would get my ticket "tomorrow". A few days later, my sister tagged me when she saw the event on FB. "I plan to be there..." was my response. Fast forward to about a week or two later...I see video promo and found out the tickets were SOLD OUT! UGH!!!!!!!! I was so bummed! I allowed me waiting and not taking a chance on myself to keep me from being part of something I REALLY wanted to do. It caused me to look at myself like " GIRL!!!! You were playing!".... but at the same time, this missed opportunity taught me, for future references, to JUST GO FOR IT! I waited on this awesome opportunity because I was making sure I had all of the details worked out on my end. In reality, the only detail I needed to work out was to simply make sure I was present.

I definitely kicked myself for put it off and had my moment of throwing a tantrum about it. Once I finally calmed down, I asked God for forgiveness and told Him I would no longer allow myself to be a hostage of procrastination. It doesn't serve me and being in that, certainly doesn't serve Him. Sluggards do not plow in season; so at harvest time they look but find nothing(Proverbs 20:4). That means, I can't be lazy, drag my feet, not put in work, and expect to see anything more than the effort I put in. Then I apologized to myself for not going for the things I want and NEED for my ministry and myself.

I told my sister about the lesson I learned, and to my surprise, she told me I could come as her guest! WHAAAAAAATTTT?!?!?! So, you mean to tell me after God got me all of the way together and here He comes blessing me with the same thing I missed out on. MANNNNNNN! I was so overjoyed that I literally cried laughing. God is funny like that. That's The Redeemer for you.

So I say to you, don't keep putting it off. GO FOR IT! Whatever your "it" is. GET UP OFF OF THAT THANG! Move at your own pace but whatever you do, don't stop moving. You will reap if you faint not.


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