I wasn't with him, shooting in the gym...

Nope! I wasn't with him in the gym, her in the gym, or anybody in the gym for that matter. Unless it's dancing or chasing my babies around, I have a hard time committing to staying active. I will start, go strong for a month or two, and stop. Then, all of the work I put in during that time, is reversed.

I often get frustrated with myself because I know I can do the work, but I need to remain committed to the work. I'm not going to has been TOUGH, especially while working from home, because I can cook and snack as much as I want. I will be in Zoom meetings in the morning thinking about what I'm cooking for lunch...or snacking between phone calls. Really, Briana? *insert face palm here*

Well, I went to the movies a couple of weeks ago to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was the first time I had really been out anywhere since Ms. Rona stepped on the scene. So, naturally, I wanted to get cute for me (because I love me) and for my boo (because I try to keep those eyes happy), but I had to really work my wardrobe because my stomach wanted to hang over my all of my jeans so bad. I looked at myself in the mirror and said "an oversized sweater it is". I had to hide this bootydoo (if you know, you know). As much as I love me, I had allowed all of the snacking between calls and cooking after zoom meetings take over. Then came along the beginning of that nasty cycle of starting and stopping the journey to get and STAY fit.

I actually cried about it two days ago, when I chased the kids for about 1 minute and had to sit down to catch my breath. It's not just the way I look- I am OUT OF SHAPE! During my morning devotions, I read the scripture, "Pray without ceasing" and it dawned on me...It doesn't say what to pray about. So, why can't I talk to God about this? I can and I did. He reassured me that He looks at my heart and not what's on the outside. However, my body is a temple that I must take care of. I desire to serve him to my fullest potential, right? I cannot do that if, my body is all worn down, unhealthy, and unfit. I asked Him to help me understand why I have the impulses to eat the way I have been and to help me change my thought process. I have realized that I am an stress eater. I prayed that God would help me to eliminate the stressors in my life that keep me from being a good steward of the temple He gave me. I also prayed that He would keep my mind while I shift thoughts from "girl, you know you can't finish this workout" to "girl, you can and you will finish this workout". So, I started moving in faith (because we know faith without works is dead). I have planned my meals for prep and scheduled my daily workouts, to start. I WILL continue this journey and be healthy, the way God intended.

Don't be afraid to ask God for help in anything. Even when it pertains to your body's weight. He will always help you care for any gift He has given you. Be sure to pray, schedule your physicals, stay active, and stay healthy. I'm going to be with you in the gym, from here on out.

Xoxo- Bri

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