If you see something, say something...

Hey, beautiful people!!! I know I've been gone for a minute but I'm back with the jump-off (shout out to Lil Kim). Let's get right into this, shall we.

My pastor preached my title almost a year ago (1/19/2020...yup, I take you take notes in church?). He taught about walking by faith and how we are what we say out of our mouths(power of life and death in the tongue). For example, you see yourself in a new house this year, say it. You see your relationship being better, say it. You see yourself getting closer to God, SAY it! You get my drift. "Don't approach it from a place of it MIGHT happen. Don't stagger! Move quickly", says Pastor Rock.

Well, those words came back to me during my mini hiatus from blogging. Although I was working, I placed a little doubt in my own head. THE STAGGER. I needed to evict the thought of "what if" and replace it with "it's going to happen". Then I had to put in the work. So, here I am, doing what God gave me to do even when I don't know the outcome (Faith). I am holding myself accountable by JUMPING! Sounds scary, right? It is, but what's the worst that can happen depending on Jesus? Exactly!!

Leaving 2020, I chose one key phrase to bring with me. No...not "where the money reside" (although I'm coming for that, too) phrase is, "I AM FEARLESS!"...because, I am! I am not scared and I declare my fearlessness will show in everything I do. I am holding myself accountable and JUMPING! This is THAT year! God has given me quite a bit to do with CGC and chiiiiile it's about to be lit and THAT is on Mary had a little Lamb!

So, what are you waiting on? Say what you see and JUMP, Sis!

Xoxo- Bri

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