Ms. Rona won't take me outta here!

That's right...I said it! COVID-19 will not take me out! Not my life, not my mind, not my spirit, not my emotions....NONE OF IT!!! What am I doing when I say all of that? I am declaring that I will make it to the other side of this pandemic. Now, let me back up a bit. I am not saying that I haven't had moments of sadness while watching the news, and hearing about lives the virus has taken. I'm not saying that when I make a store run I am going to be in these streets with no mask on. I'm not saying that I'm not going to wash my hands (they are practically white from the amount of hand-washing I I am saying that I will continue to make a conscious effort to not let the negatives connected to the virus consume me. "But how can you keep pushing like nothing is going on?"....YOU DON'T. Acknowledge that this is something we must take seriously, but first acknowledge that God allowed it to happen. Nothing in the world will ever take place without His authority. Soooo...that means all things...not some..but ALL things, good or bad, happen because God lets it happen....and guess works in favor of the people who love Him (FACTS).

With this pandemic going on all around us, and being forced to be's given time for me to go crazy, to become depressed, to create a hostile environment (LISTEN...Common core math ALONE, will make you want to slap somebody)....but I have been intentional about not letting those things happen. The first thing I have found myself doing is making more time for God. I take moments to just sit back and close my eyes and whisper a simple "Thank you."!!! I've become more sensitive to how grateful I should be. I'm still here, my family is still here (even those who have battled the virus), my friends are still here.....I still have full-time employment, somewhere to live and a full stomach.....and then...THEN... God is STILL using me, to serve Him by giving me new ideas for CGC. I AM GRATEFUL. I can still take a walk outside for fresh air, I still have ears to hear the laughter from the people I love the most! I AM GRATEFUL!!!

During this entire ordeal, when I find myself feeling a little down, I have held onto knowing that God has given me things to do here on Earth. I have been able to rejoice in knowing that God has promised my husband, myself, my family and friends, some things....and He is a GOD who cannot lie. We have to make make it through this to receive those promises. I HAVE NO REASON TO FEAR!!! So, when I say that Rona girl wont take me outta here, BABY SIS WILL NOT TAKE ME OUTTA HERE!! I trust God way too much because I've seen Him work Over and Over again and it's going to Be Alright!(Shout out to Pastor James Hillian, Jr.) me and Him are just cool like that.

So, when you find yourself feeling bad, take the time to talk to Him and even more time to listen to what He's giving you. I bet you feel better than you did before. It's going to be alright.



Listen to the song and let that thing sit in your spirit!

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