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Let me start by saying I am as nervous typing this as if I were standing in a room filled with people waiting to hear me

Welcome to the official Church Girl Confessions website! I am excited beyond anything words can express. CGC is my baby and just like the little humans I've had the pleasure of birthing, God has given me opportunity to mature this thing. SOOOO let me just give you a little background. I was sitting, chilling, minding my business (shout out to Salt'n'Peppa) and out of nowhere, God was like, "Church Girl Confessions: The Monologues!". I looked around because it was so clear you would've thought someone had tapped me on my shoulder...and then...the ideas-correction- MY ideas started to flood. Little did I know, God would block every chance I would try to take to make it happen until 2019. REALLY JESUS?! It's a whole 7 years later...but okay, I'll start. Then BAM!!! *channeling my inner Emeril*..I didn't have to search for the hows, whos, or the whens. Literally everything I needed to do what He had given me to do was there. He gave me all of the resources and told me to work. PLOT TWIST; here comes COVID-19. I just knew my little event was gonna have to be postponed, but this time..look at your neighbor and say "THIS TIME" (because we will see large gatherings)...we were under the 250 person gathering limit so we were able to continue as scheduled. At first I thought of it as "I'm in the right place at the right time."...but God reminded me that as long as I follow Him, I'll ALWAYS be in place and the time will ALWAYS be right. So, The Lord used little ole me and my AMAZING support system to make it happen. We pulled off the very first Church Girl Confessions: The Monologues.

When it was over, I sat back and watched the ladies who attended, eat (one of my favorite people in the world cooked like somebody's Maw Maw) and fellowship with one another.Side note- I am so humbled to have so many beautiful women be part of the cast and attend something that I literally dreamed of. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!.... In awe, I inhaled DEEPLY and along with the exhale, came tears that fought each other to stream down my face. Tears of relief, joy, and gratefulness. God you really think enough of me to have me take this thing you've given me and trust me with it?!?! I can't thank Him enough for allowing me and my messed up self to serve Him. Jesus is the homie! I look forward to the future of Church Girl Confessions and I pray that women everywhere are blessed.

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