You're so vain, I bet you think this post is about you...

I will admit, I used to think everything was about me, too. Some good, some bad. Some things were about me, and some things weren't. But BAY- BEEEEEE, it mattered to me! I mean I would go out of my way, calling this person, approaching that person...just to find out who "had my name in their mouth" and why. I carried this into my adulthood. Like married, with children grown! Until one day, I decided to take a step back and ask God, why I cared so much. He got me ALL of the way together and quite frankly I wasn't expecting the answer. I heard Him, clear as day telling me, "Uh, you care because you care!". What?!?! Ummm, Sir that doesn't make any sense. OHHHHHH but it did. Instead of reacting to His answer in my normal "I'm not trying to hear that" knee-jerk fashion, I shut my mouth and let Him finish. I cared what people thought about me and my business because I cared too much about them and theirs.

Let me make sure you are following me. I was concerned about the opinion of other people because I WAS MESSY!! Periodt! Now, I wasn't Regine Hunter from Living Single messy....not even Karlie Redd from Love and Hip Hop messy(had to reference someone else because the younger generation doesn't know Regine like I I was the person who would listen to mess for the sake of being in the know. Now, I can take a secret to my grave, but it was something about just knowing what was going on that made me feel important. I took pride in knowing when someone talked about me so I could treat them accordingly.

At some point, I decided I didn't want to be this way anymore. I had grown to understand that I wasn't serving God at my fullest potential by indulging in something that had nothing to do with me....AND it wasn't serving me!!! My mother (and Ace Boon) always told me "What other people think about you is NONE of your business." My sister(in-Love) always told me "There's no need in chasing a lie.". Well, there isn't a need in chasing truth either. God checked me and I pulled myself away from being the person who cared because I wanted to know your business. Now, I care because of genuine concern. I'm not here to stir any pots. I don't need to know why you are asking for prayers. As, long as I operate in the capacity in which The Holy Spirit tells me to in each specific relationship, I am satisfied with that.

Once I got to that point, I honestly stopped caring what other people thought. If JESUS loves me, why would I need validation from anybody else? I am happy in my skin, my mind, AND my spirit. HONEY, I LOVE BRIANA TYREEH ROBINSON...and THAT is all of my business. I don't have the time or the energy to put into anything outside of what God has called me to. So, if you find yourself wondering about the whispers around you, stop and say..."Why are you so vain? I bet it's NOT even about you".


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